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How to Effectively Inspect Houses for Sale in Darwin

When looking at houses for sale in Darwin, it’s important to look for the details that matter to avoid making a costly mistake. At Elaine Mills Property Management, we have compiled a list of tips on how to effectively inspect a property for sale in Darwin, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to put in an offer.

property for sale Darwin

Check for Signs of Mould or Damp

Mould can be a health hazard and a potential sign of a bigger problem in a property. If the walls and ceilings have just been cleaned, mould may appear as innocuous clouds. Discovering this should raise red flags and you should ensure further inspection before buying property in Darwin with this kind of issue.

Do what you can to check the walls for evidence of water leaks or moisture intrusion, especially close to showers and bathtubs. You should also check cabinets for signs of mildew, mould or moisture, which can indicate rising damp or water leaks.

Look for Cracks in Walls

To discover whether there are any significant cracks, inspect both the interior and outside walls.

Properties that have significant cracks, especially cracks wider than 2.0 mm in width, should be investigated further by a certified building inspector.

You should also check internal walls for fine cracks. These fissures result from the wall plastering’s improper application during building. If you find them once, the chances are they will appear all over the property. This risks plaster coming loose, especially when trying to hang pictures or attach any fixtures to the wall.

Be Aware of Drainage

Do a cursory inspection of the exterior of the house to ensure that any roof downpipes are emptying into stormwater soak wells rather than directly into the ground. You should also check that the perimeter walls have drain holes to let water escape from the wall cavity. It’s also a good idea to check the condition of the gutters to ensure the property has efficient drainage.

Hire Expert Sales Services

Elaine Mills Property Management can help you find property for sale in Darwin, and guide you through the entire process of finding your new home.

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