Couple and real estate agent stands near window and speaks before signing contract. Business concept

Property Management Services: A Real Estate Investor’s Best Friend

Acting as both the landlord and property manager for your Darwin property investment can be demanding. Tenants have varying needs from queries to requests for maintenance issues. Dealing with tenants can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if conflicts or disagreements arise. A property manager eliminates that stress, removing yourself from the day-to-day dealings of the property.

At Elaine Mills Property Management, we provide property management Darwin investors can count on for professional, cost-effective services. Clients often visit us to ask for help, instead of Googling “tips for selling my house”. We specialise in helping vendors selling property in Darwin, Palmerston and the rural areas of the Northern Territory. Below, we outline some basic tips and highlight the importance of the right helping hand.

Couple and real estate agent stands near window and speaks before signing contract. Business concept

What Does a Property Manager Do?

A property manager is a third party who acts as an intermediary between you and your tenants. Depending on the circumstances and particular contract you sign, they can be responsible for:

  • Organising inspections to find new tenants
  • Assessing potential tenants and performing checks
  • Collecting rental payments
  • Carrying out routine property inspections
  • Maintaining a condition report for your property
  • Answering tenant queries and requests on behalf of the landlord
  • Book tradespeople for repairs and maintenance
  • Provide you with rental appraisals
  • Represent you at the Tenancy Tribunal in the event of a conflict

A property manager may also recommend approaches to boost rental income, such as raising the rent in line with market conditions and making cost-effective improvements to the property.

Reduce Legal Risk

Engaging a professional property manager comes with many benefits, primarily in reducing risk. A good property manager will have the necessary experience to keep tenants happy, while meeting all legal obligations. They’ll know what to look for in a prospective tenant, always be on hand to address issues and have significant marketing resources to help find new tenants.

Shared Incentives

Property managers generally take a percentage of the rental income as a fee, meaning they are incentivised to keep your rental property occupied and always generating income.

Darwin Property Management Services

For trusted property management Darwin, Palmerston and rural areas, investors can rely on, get in touch with Elaine Mills Property Management. Call today on 08 8983 1800 or contact us online to find out more.