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How Much Can I Decorate My Darwin Rental Property?

You might think that renting a home means you can’t decorate. But there are so many ways to add your personal stamp to a rented property. Elaine Mills Property Management specialises in rentals in Darwin and have some useful advice for tenants looking to make their house a home.

rental properties Darwin

Let There Be Light

Decorating isn’t just about painting. It’s often the lighting and accessories that really make a space sing, so think carefully about lights. In your living room, a statement floor lamp can act as a key feature while providing warm light in the evenings, helping to bring your interior design scheme together. Whilst a table lamp in the bedroom offers soft illumination for reading. Great lighting options provide functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them the perfect way to spruce up rentals in Darwin.

Smart Accessorising

Beautiful rugs, soft furnishings and houseplants can all create a cosy, homely atmosphere. Choose colours you like, that go together, and add variation with textures and patterns to create a visually pleasing, enlivened sense of place. Houseplants bring the beauty of nature indoors, adding a splash of greenery that’s sure to boost your mood. Build layers of cushions and throws around your rug and houseplants to create a coherent theme. Once you’ve added your favourite artwork, photos of your loved ones and some carefully chosen ornaments and wall art, you’ll see that, even in rental properties in Darwin, you can have a space that expresses your personality and feels like home.

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