For sale sign outside a family house

Basics of Putting Up Houses for Sale in the Northern Territory

Selling property in Darwin for the first time can be daunting and quite different from buying a home. Rather than considering your own needs and preferences, you must instead consider what appeals to a broad range of potential buyers so you can maximise profit.

At Elaine Mills Property Management, clients often visit us to ask for help after searching online for tips ‘selling my house’. We specialise in helping the vendors who are selling property in Darwin, Palmerston and the rural areas of Northern Territory. Below, we talk about some basic tips and the importance of the right helping hand.

For sale sign outside a family house

Get the Property in Order

Start by cleaning the property and making any necessary improvements. For example, repainting with neutral tones throughout the home helps to add appeal to the widest range of buyers and flexible furniture/décor choices. Other simple improvements can include:

New blinds or shutters

A low-maintenance garden

Replacing fixtures and appliances (e.g. taps, light fixtures and stove)

Get rid of clutter in preparation for open home inspections. Keep in mind that street appeal plays a significant role in the perceived value of a property since the front of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see.

Get an Appraisal

A property appraisal from an experienced, local, licensed real estate agent involves running a comparative market analysis among similar properties that sold within the last 90 days. Your agent will also consider the condition of your property, current competition and broader market trends.

Decide How to Sell Your Home

There are three main methods of selling property in Darwin. A sale by auction involves setting a reserve price and an auction day. This can generate more competition among buyers but there are no guarantees of sale. A private sale involves your agent listing your home at a set asking price or a suggested price range. Buyers then place offers and the agent negotiates to secure the best possible sales price.

A private treaty works similarly to an auction but involves potential buyers making tender applications. This is usually reserved for properties that are difficult to place a market value on or are particularly unique. Ask yourself “what makes the most sense for selling my house?” and ask your agent for advice on the best approach for your circumstances.

Get an Appraisal for Your Northern Territory Property

Book a free appraisal with Elaine Mills Property Management today to take your first steps towards selling property in Darwin, Palmerston and the Northern Territory.